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Security Manager

We are looking for a Security Manager to join our team.

  • The Head of Security should have a comprehensive understanding of security policies, regulations, and best practices in the industry.
  • Responsible for providing leadership in the development of Security objectives, policies, programs and procedures that will provide a security working environment by managing the Company’s safety and asset protection processes while insuring compliance with Federal, State and Local Regulations, International Certifications as well as the Internal Policies and Procedures of the Organization.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining an effective records management system in support of the security program; this includes the correct completion and maintenance of records and reports as necessary to ensure compliance with all applicable laws / regulations of Laboratorios Scantibodies and its subsidiaries in Mexico.
  • Manage and supervise the daily activities of the personnel under his charge (personal and automobile truck drivers, security guards, Industrial Security) of Scantibodies Laboratories and its subsidiaries in Mexico. It is also the manager's responsibility to hire and terminate the labor relations as required for all the personnel under his charge.
  • Comply with the goals established by the Operations Manager and / or General Manager.
  • Request, evaluate and negotiate quotes for external services when they are required to repair or improve any equipment, building or property of Scantibodies Laboratories and all its subsidiaries in Mexico. He is responsible for supervising the creation or modification of SOPs that have to do with the Industrial safety of the company.
  • Supervises activities that involve everything related to Industrial Safety, as well as the company's assets
  • Perform any other duty as required. Provides training for machine operators, maintenance personnel, and assembly personnel in the safe and proper operation of equipment and devices to minimize hazards to both personnel and machinery.
  • Ensures that the Industrial Safety Department works with all company departments to promote and continually improve a safe work environment for all employees.
Essential Duties:
  • Keep Management informed immediately, in real time, of all Manufacturing, Inventory, Planning, Personnel and Equipment problems, issues and concerns.  Prompt and timely communication is required and expected. No exceptions.
  • Oversee and manage all aspects of safety operations.
  • Develop and implement safety policies, procedures and training programs Coordinate with other departments to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Lead security incident investigations.

Equipment used:

  • Personal Computer.
  • General Office Equipment.
  • Sound Meter.
  • Candlestick Meter.
  • Gas Detector.
  • Ammonia Meters.

Job Specifications:

Experience and Required Education.

  • Minimum of 7 years requirement in managerial role (Security Manager).
  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (Criminal Justice, Security Management, etc.), or equivalent work experience.
  • Certification in relevant security standards (CISSP, CPP, etc.) is preferred.
  • The position requires Integrity, Intelligence, Experience and Dedication.
  • Experience in all aspects of security operations.
  • Experience in develop and implement security policies, procedures, and training programs Coordinate with other departments to ensure a secure working environment.
  • Experience in investigations into security incidents.
  • Experience in ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and standards.
  • Experience in develop and implement security policies, protocols, and procedures to ensure the safety of the company's employees, assets, and facilities.
  • Experience in oversee the security operations team and provide guidance, support, and training as needed.
  • Experience in conduct risk assessments and implement appropriate measures to mitigate potential threats.
  • Experience in Collaborate with management and other departments to ensure that security measures are integrated into all aspects of the company's operations.
  • Experience in collaborate with management and other departments to ensure that security measures are integrated into all aspects of the company's operations.
  • Experience in monitor security systems and respond to incidents and emergencies as needed.
  • Stay up to date with industry trends and advancements in security technology to improve the company's security posture.
  • Experience in managing a team of security personnel comprising both internal and external personnel.
  • Experience in conducting investigations and assessments on security threats and risks within and outside the organization.
  • Experience in supervising staff and teamwork.
  • Work based on objectives and goal achievement.
  • High degree of responsibility.
  • Management of computer packages applicable to your work.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Valid laser visa.

Knowledge, skills and competencies required:

  • Strong leadership skills; will lead by example and be willing to pitch in to get the job done.
  • Credibility with subordinates, peers, senior management, business partners, relevant agencies and customers.
  • A bias for action; effectively develops and executes strategies and plans; demonstrates a track record of achievement.
  • Excellent strategic thinking, including the ability to help define the direction of the organization in support of company objectives and make the appropriate business decisions to get there.
  • Ability to set the highest standards of achievement and capable of assisting others to realize the same.
  • Ability to set and adhere to the highest level of integrity, morals and ethics.
  • Must possess a high degree of professionalism with the ability to be a high energy, passionate champion for the company.
  • Ability to build closely-knit teams and interacting effectively across disciplines.
  • Sensitivity to customer requirements.
  • Implement continuous improvement initiatives to drive operations and ensure maximum productivity.
  • Ensure systems are world-class and meet the needs of all internal and external constituencies with an emphasis on process, quality, productivity, budget control, and
  • profitability.
  • Develop and implement policies and programs designed to maximize capacity and ensure the highest quality at the lowest cost in a safe working environment.
  • Develop and apply appropriate metrics for processes goals and objectives in terms of output, cost, quality, budgeting and forecasting, as well as, the ongoing results of continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Ensure procedures are in place to allow transparency of operation and processes metrics through management to the QMR team.
  • Adhere to all GMP and ISO guidelines.
  • Stay in close communication with subordinates, peers and senior management to be available after hours, weekends, and holidays for contact.
  • Return all phone calls as soon as possible and certainly within the same day. On the rare occasion when unable to return a call for some direct reason then call no later than first thing the following morning. Shall keep cell phone with you and turned on.
  • Whenever unable to report to work due to illness must speak directly with supervisor, if that person is not available then to Human Resources. It is unacceptable to leave voice mails, e-mails or messages with co-workers
  • Leave contact information with the supervisor and Human Resources when away from the office or on vacation in the event you must be contacted. Ability to read and follow instructions from production related documents.

Working Conditions; Physical & Mental Demands:

  • Must be able to lift 90 pounds and have eyesight correctable to 20/20.

Supervision of Others:

  • Security Guards Supervisor, Drivers (Buses and cars), Safety & Hygiene Engineer.

Monetary Responsibilities:

  • May be required to use Petty Cash Fund for purchasing needed supplies or services as needed by Operations Manager, General Manager and/or Director of Special Projects.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO):

  • SLI is an equal opportunity employer and all employees are responsible for maintaining a discrimination and harassment free environment.


  • All employees are accountable for conducting their daily business responsibilities in an ethical and moral manner.

The above declarations are not intended to be an "all-inclusive" list of duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be such a listing of the skills and abilities required to do the job. Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job.


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Calle Los Viñedos #4100, Tecate, Baja California, 21430, México
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